Some have'em some don't!

It's a tough assignment, but someone's got to do it! A beautiful TV news reporter takes her film crew undercover (so to speak) and gets the lusty low down on peoples sexual fantasies for the evening news. From A-Z, the variety of human erotic stimulation is an eye opening mind blowing experience. No sexual act goes undone. The news at eleven was never like this. So don't change that dial!

Caballero Video
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Miko Yani Gary Baron Andrea Lange Kathy Adair Cris Cassidy Mimi Morgan Ken Scudder Liza Dwyer Laurien Dominique John Seeman Valeri Darlyn Blair Harris Richard Pacheco Kandi Barbour Jon Martin Kyoto Sun Jamie Gillis Serena
On White Satin
On White Satin
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The sexiest things happen when the team that brought you "Screwples," "II," and Annette Haven as "The Blonde," turn their cameras onto the goings on under a soft, sexy wh... more

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