Juliet and the Bears

Juliet and the Bears
Renowned photographer Paul Johnson and Juliet Anderson were lifelong friends and lovers. In this featurette, Johnson shares the life and times he had with the legendary actress. He is accompanied by Nina Hartlely and Richard Pacheco who discuss the influence and impact that Juliet had brought to the adult industry.

One of the most influential female porn stars during the Golden Age of Porn, the venerable "Aunt Peg" is highlighted in some rare and previously unreleased photoshoots including photos of "Aunt Peg" fulfilling the fantasy of a couple of fans who were twin brothers and Juliet's very first photoshoot in which she was paired with Richard Bent.

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Paul Johnson (i) Holly McCall Peter Bent Richard Pacheco Juliet Anderson Nina Hartley
Pixie's Fantasies Volume 2
Pixie's Fantasies Volume 2
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